George Roberts joined the Trust in November 2011 to complete a Level 2 Support Services Apprenticeship as an Apprentice Audiology Assistant in our Audiology department.

Here George gives details of his experience as an apprentice and offers advice to anyone considering an aprenticeship with the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

How did you find out about the Apprenticeship? Having completed A-Levels 3 years prior to starting my apprenticeship, I had been applying to university to become a paramedic before considering an apprenticeship; however, unfortunately due to a previous police caution (obtained through a silly action as a very young 18 year old), I was unable to commence the training for that position. Undertaking an apprenticeship was my way of getting into the industry and starting a career.

Why did you decide to complete an Apprenticeship? I knew that I wanted to work within the care industry; however I didn’t have the qualifications necessary to be accepted onto most university courses in healthcare. The apprenticeship offered the opportunity to work within a healthcare environment and gave me a huge amount of experience and clinical knowledge that was essential in furthering my career.

How has the Apprenticeship benefited you? As a result of completing the apprenticeship, I was accepted onto a university course in Manchester which focused on Audiology. I have recently graduated from this BSc course and have been accepted onto a further postgraduate training programme based within the NHS to become a Clinical Scientist of Audiology, which is way beyond what I would have thought of doing.

Are you doing something that you have always wanted to or has the Apprenticeship opened your eyes to new occupations? Prior to applying for the apprenticeship, I had never heard of Audiology as a subject. The apprenticeship gave me the chance to observe a wide range of clinics and learn a huge amount about the topic from the staff and the multidisciplinary team.

What are your future plans? To become a Clinical Scientist of Audiology!!

 What advice would you give to future Apprentices? Think big! My Apprenticeship counted for a lot more than I thought it would.

What happened next? George graduated from Manchester University with BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) and has secured the role of Trainee Scientist in Audiology based in the NHS in the North West of England.


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